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Last updated 06/11/16



General Electric J85-5 Turbo-jet with re-heat developing 5,000 lbs of thrust or 10,000 H.P.

Donor Aircraft:

F5 Strike Fighter, built for supersonic intercept missions (Max. speed 900 mph).

Engine Prep:

Ken Lesley and Roger

Afterburner system

Developed and built by Roger. Development ongoing in association with Hanna Motorsports.


Centre drive - Chrome molly tube originally designed by Bob Jinkens of Jackson New Jersey USA (Builder of America’s first centre drive jet funny car).  One of only 4 centre drive jet funny cars in the world and as far as we know the only Ford Mustang bodied jet funny car.


Ford Mustang.  Carbon fibre by Hairy Glass and extensively modified by John Hansell of  Air intakes developed by Hanna Motorsport and made in the UK by


Twin parachutes, primary 12 foot, secondary 14 foot, Strange Engineering disc brakes on all four wheels.

Safety Equipment:

Five point harness, Simpson helmet and fire suit. Firefox fire suppression system discharging through 12 spray nozzles.


Sander Engineering rims on custom made centers and hubs designed and manufactured by Sykes Performance Engineering.  15" diameter wheels with Goodyear tyres


Watch this space!

Conforms To:

All current specifications - RAC/MSA Operational Jet Vehicle standards, NHRA (American) Jetcar specifications, IOPD Jet Vehicle display criteria.


Roger Goring and Helen Rusling.  Roger and Helen have more than 25 years in racing and have been involved with Jet Cars for many years.  Roger is an engineer and has carried out much of the work on Firestorm himself.  Roger also has the enviable job of driving Firestorm whilst Helen is his crew chief.


The Pro Jet Association of Europe, the RAC Motor Sports Association, the International Organisation of Professional Drivers (IOPD).

Home Town:

Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.

Help & Support by:

Hanna Motorsports, these guys know a thing or two about going quick!!!! (And luckily for us they are sharing much of that knowledge!)

Graham Sykes of GSPE - a good friend and exceptionally talented engineer who has made parts for Firestorm which quite simply cannot be bought.   Check out the billet hubs and engine mounts - and that doesn't even scratch the surface!

John Hansell of whose expertise on both carbon fibre and aerodynamics is astonishing and invaluable.

Darren West of Power Race Graphics for the stunning artwork.

Andy & Tom Scott – father and son award winning Airbrush artists from our home town of Rotherham, whose talents interpreted Darren’s design brilliantly, Andy and Toms talent can be seen in the detail on the Firestorm body – even the name is airbrushed on!

Ken Lesley, a good friend without whose help and expertise we would never have got to the start line.

Derek of Del-Tech Engineering of Rotherham.  "Always there when you need him".


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